A Collection of Short Christmas Plays (Paperback)

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A Collection of Short Christmas Plays (Paperback)


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When Santa's plans for delivering Christmas presents like usual are ruined by a global pandemic, a team of elf executives and the Clauses need to adapt and create a makeshift plan to still get the presents delivered in time for Christmas morning. Everything has been cancelled, delayed or rescheduled. You can't move Christmas - and you certainly can't cancel it. Will Santa be able to wrap and deliver the presents COVID safely in time? Can the community band together to make sure Santa makes his deadline and the children around the world can smile and laugh after the toughest, most unpredictable year in a generation?

When Captain Hook and his parrot sidekick Snigger escape from the book Peter Pan, they plot to ruin Christmas and take over the world. Freshly minted Secret Elf Service Agents Pine and Pudding are trying everything in their power to stop him and help save Santa Claus - but a lack of experience does them no good.

Santa has to close down his Presents Factory after revolutionising the categorisation system because the world is plagued with Not Yet Nice and Sometimes Nice children. In fact, just three Consistently Nice children remain Santa requests these children make the trip to the North Pole, seemingly to crown one as his replacement. But the Bad Guy has other ideas, and he knows more about the children than even they know...

Santa is extremely technology enthused and has introduced a wide multitude of new and innovative upgrades to streamline and upgrade the efficiency of his entire process this Christmas. But all this has come at the expensive cost of losing the magic and tradition of Christmas - which Santa's closest advisors aren't willing to compromise. Innovative technologies are the future, but can Santa and his helpers work out a way to combine both the power and efficiency of brand-new tech with the traditions and magic of old? Filled with laughs and fun, this short Christmas play also contains an entire conversation written by an artificial intelligence.

Santa strikes a deal with the Australian Prime Minister to use their coal for punishing the naughty kids across the globe, but Mrs Claus and the elves aren't happy. Awakened by the damage he must be causing to the environment, Santa and his team of executives must band together to try and turn this Christmas around. Their comedic ideas for an 'innovative' carbon-neutral plan are sure to get you laughing.

Once upon a time, in a land named Terror, there were three princes. They were kind, happy and joyful - but their parents certainly weren't. One night, the Princes overheard an evil plot and decide to make the long journey to request Santa Claus' help. A plan is concocted, but it will be hard to execute. Can they make it in time to stop their parents and save the kingdom of Terror?

Product Details ISBN: 9798224596553
Publisher: Liam Petersen
Publication Date: December 28th, 2022
Pages: 104
Language: English